Site and Sound

Site and Sound

Site and Sound is a contemporary re-imagining of the annual LRTX Environmental Art program. Designed as a site-specific, environmentally conscious art installation series, Site and Sound will incorporate percussion performance and sculptural installations.

Site and Sound is planned to take place during the winter of 2012-2013. A Call for Artists will be issued in early fall 2012.

Site and Sound will comprise three elements: wood, steel and percussion. Proposals can focus on one, two or all three of these elements, with particular attention paid to the landscape as an element itself. The site is the canvas on which the art is created and the stage on which the music is performed.

Artists are encouraged to use recycled, repurposed and renewable materials, many of which can be sourced from the LRTX site.

The Open House and Reception will be a live blending of percussion performances and sculptural installations that will create a singular, immersive experience in the LRTX landscape.


Wood Sculptors: Artists who are passionate about working with wood in all aspects, including carvers, wood turners, furniture designers, and architects.

Steel Sculptors: Sculptors who are adept in working with reclaimed metal, specifically steel, in any shape or design.

Percussion Artists: Artists who have in-depth knowledge of the impact of sound, with a special focus on sound and landscape. Performance artists will be scheduled the day of the event.

Sculptures will remain on site at LRTX for one year.

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