Come to the Parade of Giants March 3–Never Been Anything Like It in Dallas

Multiple Generations of St. Mary's Students Admiring the Fr. Sebastian Valles Puppet (Photo by Jeff Baker)

We hope you will be able to join us on Saturday for the Parade of Giants. Being involved in this project has been an honor for all of us. Watching the 15 LRTX artists working with the community groups, the stories that were told, what the artists have learned about West Dallas and themselves, and what the community groups have learned about art, has been a humbling experience for everyone.

Last Saturday upwards of 150 people were working on the puppets: all ages, all walks of life, black, white, Latino. The seniors told stories of the history of the neighborhood and of the historical figures, who in some cases were their parents or grandparents. Jan Sanders came to see her husband, Judge Barefoot Sanders, being built, and Judge Jerry Buchmeyer’s daughter will come before the parade. Four generations of St. Mary’s students worked on Fr. Sebastian Valles and three generations of Andrea Cervantes’ descendants were working together. Neighbors from the houses nearby have begun to drop by. A couple of Home Depot employees came to help last night because an artist shopping there had told them about it.
The artists have gone way beyond what was expected, and they are equally thrilled to be part of this. They have worked night and day. Their commitment been amazing.
We encourage you, if it’s at all possible, to come to the Parade on Saturday, March 3, at 1:00 on Singleton. The Giants will be walking east on Singleton, up onto the bridge and back. It will be extraordinary and not to be missed.
If ever there were an example of artists and community working together, this is it.
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