Parade of Giants Artists Announced

La Reunion TX and Bridge-o-Rama have announced the names of 15 artists chosen for the Parade of Giants project. These individuals will design 15 giant puppets representing historical figures important to the history of West Dallas and will then work with local community groups to build them. On Saturday, March 3, the Giants will parade onto the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the opening of which is being celebrated that weekend.

The artists were selected by a committee comprising representatives of La Reunion TX and our collaborators, ArtLoveMagic and Oil and Cotton. Here are the names:

VET, Cori Berg, Heather Blaikie, Gary Buckner, Andrea Davis, Susan Giller, Gretchen Goetz, Nicole Horn, Rebecca Howdeshell, Walter Johnson, Kevin Obregon, Junanne Peck, Jennifer Sereno, Jessica Sinks, Sean Springer.

They will be building Victor Considerant and Julien Reverchon of the La Reunion colony, Judge Jerry Buchmeyer, Andrea Flores Cervantes, Sarah Cockrell, Myrtle Davis, Rhonda Dragoo, Hattie Henenberg, Mattie Nash, Bettie Odom, Hattie Rankin, Judge Barefoot Sanders, Father Sebastian Valles, and Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

The artists workshop will be held at Oil and Cotton on Saturday, January 14th.

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