Join us for the Art Chic@s Reception this Saturday!

Join us this Saturday as La Reunion TX  presents the work of the artists and students of Art Chicas and Art Chicos, collectively known as Art Chic@s, during a free reception to which family, friends and LRTX supporters are invited on Saturday, November 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The time has been moved forward in order to dovetail with the Oak Cliff Music Festival.

Art Chicas, now in its sixth year, and Art Chicos, now in its second year, brings together artists and high-school age students in an extraordinary art-making experience at the outdoor location in west Oak Cliff.  The purpose of the programs is to expose students to the possibilities of art, art making and the career of an artist, while giving them the opportunity to be inspired by the natural world.

The artists—June Covington, Stephanie Adelina, Emily Riggert, Jessica Sinks, Dane Larsen, Art Garcia and David Daniels—were selected by jurors from Oil and Cotton.    Artwork could be in any medium, but artists were encouraged to find inspiration from the land, to explore the medium of the site, and to develop original ways of creating art from the experience or use of natural and found materials. This year, artists introduced pastel rubbings, metal and rock sculpture, textiles, and even music and songwriting, to the array of media explored on the land.

We look forward to experiencing these new works in our outdoor sculpture garden and workspace and hope you’ll join us!

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