Favorable Community Response

Karen RikeMany area arts organizations and businesses have given strong support to Flora Lofts, and more are needed. Each letter moves Flora Lofts closer to receiving the approval and funding needed to begin construction by the end of 2013.

Please send a letter of support for Flora Lofts in the Dallas Arts District to:

Texas Department of Housing and
Community Affairs
Multifamily Division
P.O. Box 13941
Austin, TX 78711-3941

FAX 512-475-0764
Email:  Jean.Latsha@tdhcs.state.tx.us

Letters must be received by June 14, 2013.


More than 20 artists and arts organization leaders attended the state’s public hearing on tax supportive housing at the Dallas Central Library Thursday evening, showing their enthusiastic support for Flora Lofts, the proposed artist’s residency initiative in the Dallas Arts District.  Each of the seven speakers noted the many attributes of the artist residency program and the great energy it will bring to the Arts District and downtown Dallas.

Two speakers noted that Flora Lofts received wide-spread support and has already created a positive ‘buzz’ in the local arts world and the broader community. The names of organizations and individuals who have written the more than 50 letters of support from all facets of the community were read into the record. Copies of the letters were presented to the hearing officers.

The speakers – Catherine Cuellar, Brad Ford Smith, Louisa Benton, Katherine Owens, Kathryn Greene, Craig Smith and Mary Thomas – noted the Flora Lofts’ strong attributes, such as:

  • Providing affordable live/work spaces artists and their families who could not otherwise afford it to live in the Arts District.
  • La Reunion TX, an important, established nonprofit with a mission of connecting artists and the community, will manage resident selection and operations.
  • Brings a new energy and vitality to the community.
  • Creates a “model” of inclusiveness in the Arts District, enhancing its socioeconomic mix.  
  • Expands and enhances the character of the Arts District, adding to its uniqueness.
  • Opens new opportunities for emerging artists and the Dallas arts community.
  • Further enhances the vitality of the emerging Arts District neighborhood.

Speakers also noted that:

  • Flora Lofts has been widely supported in the community.
  • Flora Lofts is based on a proven model for providing affordable housing to artists in an urban environment – the model established by ArtSpace in other progressive cities.
  • Flora Lofts is being designed to meet LEED certification standards.  
  • Flora Lofts is a unique, mixed use concept that combines affordable and market rate residences for artists, adds street-level retail and accessible public parking – all needed to increase the vitality of the Dallas Arts District.
  • Flora Lofts architecture is understated classic modern in design and would sensitively both complement and connect the Iconic Civic buildings in the Arts District.

Speakers noted that informed planners and critics have agreed for years that living space for working artists would be a vital element of the Arts District culture, and that Flora Lofts begins fulfills that need.

In closing the hearing, Texas state officials invited additional letters or emails to address them to:

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Multifamily Division
P.O. Box 13941
Austin, TX 78711-3941l
FAX 512-475-0764

Email:  Jean.Latsha@tdhcs.state.tx.us

Letters and emails need to be sent before June 14, 2013.


Dallas Arts District friends and neighbors have given their Favorable Community Response to Flora Lofts. Read their letters and more here:

– Art Professionals of Texas

The Arts Community Alliance

 AT&T Performing Arts Center

Billingsley Company

 Business Council for the Arts

 Bruce Wood Dance Project

– Catholic Diocese of Dallas,
– Cathedral Shrine of Guadalupe

Center for Architecture

Congress for the New Urbanism

 Creative Arts Center

– CREDO Choir

– Crow Collection of Asian Arts

– Dallas Area Cultural Advocacy Coalition

 Dallas Art Dealers Association

 Dallas Arts District

 Dallas Black Dance Theater

– The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

– Dallas Museum of Art

– The Dallas Opera

– Dallas Symphony Orchestra

– Dallas Theater Center

 Dance Council of North Texas

 Donald Gatzke, AIA, Dean,
  School of Architecture,
– The University of Texas at Arlington

 Downtown Residents Council

– First Presbyterian Church

– The Foundation for Community Empowerment

– Frederick Turner, Founders Professor,
– School of Arts and Humanities,
– University of Texas at Dallas

– Gail Thomas, Ph.D.,
– President and Executive Director,
The Trinity Trust

– Goss Michael Foundation

– Greater Dallas Planning Council

– Joseph Milazzo,
  Lecturer, Creative Writing,
University of Texas at Dallas

– Karol Omlor, Second Thought

– Kitchen Dog Theater

– Michael Corris, PhD
Professor and Chair,
Meadows School for the Arts
Southern Methodist University

– Nash Flores

 Nasher Sculpture Center

– Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas

– Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange of Dallas

– R. Clay Reynolds, Ph.D.

– Robert Milnes, Dean
  College of Visual Arts and Design
  University of North Texas

 Sammons Center for the Arts

 Shakespeare Dallas

 St Matthews Cathedral Arts

– Teatro Dallas

Texas State Representative – Daniel H. Branch

– Texas State Senator – Royce West

– Texas Visual Arts Association

 Theatre Three


 Undermain Theatre

– Veletta Forsythe Lill

Zannie Voss, Professor and Chair
Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship
Southern Methodist University



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