La Reunion TX connects art and artists to local and global communities.

We sustain and renew artists and our city by fostering dialogue between artist, process, nature and community through our residency, collaborative arts programs, and stewardship of the land.

LRTX was founded in 2006 in Dallas, Texas by Sarah Jane Semrad and Catherine Cuellar, who understood that art and artists are critical to a thriving community.  They realized that artists, from time to time, need to recharge their creative spirit.   To this end, the founders envisioned an arts residency program, designed to host artists, working in a variety of media, for periods ranging from one week to one year–giving each participant the chance to renew their creative energies.

The LRTX residency concept is designed to inspire, sustain and renew working artists, as well as the community, through education and outreach programs. To date, the residency has not functioned as a traditional residency, but rather as a non-profit organization that provides outreach art programs, such as The Environmental Art Program, Art Chicas Unidas, Script Writing for Graphic Novels, Make Space for Art (an international juried architecture competition) and others.  LRTX collaborates with other arts organizations to increase and reach effectiveness.


Art & Nature

For several years, LRTX focused the majority of its programming and activities on a 35-acre site, situated on the Chalk Hill Escarpment in West Oak Cliff.  This extraordinarily beautiful land had been vacant for years and had suffered from the dumping of garbage, overgrowth, and general misuse.  For four years LRTX volunteers worked to restore the property to its natural beauty and to complement it with the creation and installation of site-specific art.   The site was a magical location for LRTX’s innovative, creative programming.  In 2014 it became apparent that, due to title disputes between previous owners, LRTX would not be able to gain ownership of the land in the foreseeable future. At that point the LRTX board made the difficult decision to direct the organization’s efforts toward developing LRTX’s programming in a different location.

LRTX is currently working with Green Arc to provide residences for working artists through the Flora Lofts project in the heart of the Dallas Arts District.

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