La Reunion TX connects art and artists to local and global communities.

We sustain and renew artists and our city by fostering dialogue between artist, process, nature and community through our residency, collaborative arts programs, and stewardship of the land.

La Reunion TX was founded in 2005 by individuals who understood that art and artists are critical to a thriving community, but that artists themselves need a chance, from time to time, to recharge their creative spirit.

Soon after its founding, LRTX entered into an informal partnership to use 35 acres of extraordinarily beautiful land on the White Rock Escarpment.  The land has been vacant for years and has suffered from the dumping of garbage, overgrowth and general misuse.  The acreage is heavily treed, bisected by a year-round stream, dotted with natural springs, and includes a rare escarpment prairie remnant.

For the last four years, LRTX volunteers have worked to restore the property to its natural beauty as a complement to and in conjunction with the creation and installation of site-specific art.

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